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Nov 2, 2012 4:00am PDT
about 90 mosts. both the obama campaign and the romney campaign hope the numbers will boost those economic arguments they've been making through this campaign and right into the final days of the race. we have complete coverage of what to expect this morning. let's begin with christine. she's got a look at what we could see. >> could see an unemployment rate that kicks up to about 7.9%. that's the forecast of economists surveyed by cnn money, soledad. 125,000 jobs added overall. for net new job creation. the important thing here is the trend. and it is the trend that has been so important to american families. american workers. and the two political campaigns, quite frankly. the president took office with unemployment rate at 7.8%, soledad. and then embarked on a massive stimulus plan and unemployment rate kept rising to 10%. but then started to come down. started to come down and is now back at 7.8%. and we got that number, of course, last month. and that was a big surprise overall. you look at the job creation. this is something that the obama administration talks about a lot. t
Nov 1, 2012 4:00am PDT
are now in custody. >>> on the road again, president obama and mitt romney return to the campaign trail today with just five days left until election day. the president hits three battleground states, wisconsin, colorado, nevada. the white house says the president will be briefed on details of the federal response to sandy, a day after he witnessed the devastation and promised to cut through all the red tape. mitt romney makes several campaign stops today in the swing state of virginia. >>> and there is more evidence at just how close this presidential race really is. a "wall street journal"/nbc news/marist poll of three bat e battleground state shows president obama with a six-point lead over mitt romney in iowa, a three-point lead in wisconsin, and a two-point lead in new hampshire. just five days left. >> it is so interesting to watch this as we get to that deadline. it's so fascinating. john, thank you very much. >>> back to our "starting point" this morning, it's day three of that fallout from superstorm sandy. millions of people without power in their homes. and as john mentioned
Oct 31, 2012 7:00am EDT
touring the damage this morning, president obama heading to new jersey to see the destruction for himself. alongside him will be governor chris christie. the election just six days away. and sandy unfortunately is not done yet. the superstorm is currently over pennsylvania, heading towards canada. cnn covering the story like no other network. rob marciano reporting for us, deb feyerick in new york, sandra endo and brian todd from new jersey and dan lothian is at the white house. wednesday, october 31st, "starting point" begins right now. >>> welcome back, everybody, our starting point is breaking news this morning in regents point, queens where we've soon showing you some of these pictures yesterday, that massive fire that burned 80 homes to the ground. when sandy hit new york city. cnn crew on the scene is reporting to us a strong smell of methane gas. a utility pole spontaneously burst into flames earlier this morning. officials are now assessing whether the gas levels there are excessively high in this neighborhood, and that could force those fire crews to evacuate. right n
Oct 31, 2012 4:00am PDT
. thanks, rob. appreciate that. >>> president obama is going to be touring storm-ravaged new jersey today along with governor chris christie. they're both getting an eyeful in hoboken across the river from manhattan they've called in the national guard to assist with evacuations there. in bergen county a breach left hundreds of homes submerged. about 1,000 people have already been rescued. more could be trapped. and in the atlantic city area, where sandy made landfall, entire neighborhoods are now buried in sand and debris. sandra endo is live for us in atlantic city this morning. good morning, sandra. >> good morning, soledad. the rescue and recovery effort is under way here in atlantic city. we're on a main street here in atlantic city. several blocks from the waterfront of this bayside community, and to give you an idea of just how far that flooding was in effect here, look at this kayak that was washed ashore right here on this main drag. and also take a look at this. this is a small houseboat that was ripped, torn apart from the pier. you could see it was tied on to a piling right he
Oct 29, 2012 4:00am PDT
with breaking news this morning. we just learned that president obama has canceled his event in orlando today. white house press secretary jay carney released this statement. quote, due to deteriorating weather conditions in the washington area, the president will not attend today's campaign event in orlando. the president will return to the white house to monitor the preparations for and early response to hurricane sandy. and nearly half of a million people have been evacuated from homes in low-lying areas up and down the east coast. in new york, where forecasters say an 11-foot storm surge could cause catastrophic damage tonight, and into tomorrow, mass transit is shut down along with wall street, and public schools, as well. in new jersey, and philadelphia, shelters have been opened. and thousands of cots are being prepared for all of the evacuees. the oncoming storm also causing airlines to cancel more than 7,000 flights in the northeast alone. that's triggering delays across the country, with the ripple effect hitting travelers as far away as paris, soledad. can you believe that? >> i be
Oct 30, 2012 4:00am PDT
? >> unfortunately not. but last night after midnight i talked to president obama, i talked to governor christie, been talking to numerous people here on the ground, who are in charge of that. everybody knows the urgency. everybody knows, especially when you have dense populations, and a lot of people are really reliant for medical reasons on power, that you get a sense of urgency to get this done. i don't have any more specific updates. i just do know that everybody from the federal, state, local level, that's one of the major missions today. secondary obviously to keeping everybody immediately safe. because there are many, many hazards in the streets. many downed power lines. so many flooded areas, and people still principally important and we're asking people to stay home. to stay out of the way so power crews, emergency responders, and others can get their work done. >> let me ask you a quick question before i let you go. we're looking at pictures from yesterday in atlantic city where the 234r50ding was very bad. what happens to election day? you know it's a week from today. you may not have
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)